Decentralized Finance meets with fastest blockchain

Faster then Bitcoin, very low commission and passive income

About Bitcoin Classic

BTCC is designed for investors in the cryptocurrency market who are looking to make their cryptocurrency work just like any other form of capital, such that they can ensure a return on investment in any market. BTCC - DEX is created and designed specifically for the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry. DeFi provides full functionality for this specific segment of the BTCC community, sacrificing other types of functionality for simplicity, rapid throughput, and security.

Why Choose Bitcoin Classic?

Bitcoin Classic is an amazing cryptocurrency that is very secure, very fast and provides low transfer fees.

It is very secure
Thanks to its blockchain technology, its security level is at A+ level.
Too fast
Thanks to the high-end software technology, your money is instantly transferred to the wallet you specify.
Very cheap transfer fee
Thanks to Binance Smart Chain, transaction fees will be lower always.

BTCC Tokens

Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

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  • 2021
    Researching Blockchain Technology Conducting Academic Research Data Collection, Project Initiation (ICO)
  • Legal Research Processes
  • 2022
    Beginning of the Development Process of the Project Selection of the Project Areas to be Supported
  • Project Support Call Project and Operation Evaluation Process
  • Commencement of stock market listing process
  • First Project- Operation Support Agreements STO Sales Start
  • Btc Classic Blockchain Network Development Process to begin.
  • Beginning of the Btc Classic Exchange Establishment process
  • Project- Business Status Information Process
  • Establishment of a Team to Turn Ideas into Projects Developing Consulting Services